My layout HOn3


All pictures are under the copyright of Steffen Rosmus and may not be used
for commercial purposes without permission.


Construction of the layout started in 1990 and after 18 years I switch to Sn3.
In February 2008 the layout will be removed from the basement and will have
a new home in Chicago/Ill from March on. Progress photos of the new layout
will be posted here every 2 month.


Goose # 5 and RGS # 461 at Rockwood Depot (1)


RGS # 20 with business cars "Edna" and "Rico" at Rockwood (1)
The town of Rockwood is some 2 miles up the canyon you could see behind the
green Ford truck.


D&RGW # 471 with a 4 car San Juan train on the high trestle between Rockwood
and Monarch (2)


RGS # 20 is leaving Sapinero (1)


The Goose # 5 is leaving Sapinero (2)

D&RGW #268 is switchin at Sapinero


Sapinero Roundhouse with MOW equipment (3)

Sapindero engine facilities (1)

Work train with C 16 # 271 at Rockwood (2)

D&RGW C 16 # 268 heading down into Sapinro at Sunset (3)


D&RGW K 27 # 451 on the Sapinero Turntable (2)

Due to odd appearance of the early WSM Model of the slide valve K 27, this engine
was scratch built using MDC 2-8-0 outside frame chassis and tender, scratch built
frame extension, boiler and cab and is equipped with a 1724 Faulhaber motor with
large flywheel.

RGS # 461 (a modified and re-motored Sunset K 27) at Rockwood siding (1)

RGS Goose #' 5 on the Sapinero truntable (2)


D&RGW # 268 with a string of empties to serve the Monarch mine which is visible in
the background (2)
. The # 268 is WSM model, not that super detailed but compared
with the new PSC-Model it has the right tender proportions and performs superb after
re-motoring . This was one of my first brass engines which I bought second hand
back in 1987.
Thanks Malcom Furlow for setting the bug to bite me)


D&RGW employee homes at Reese street in Sapinero (3)


Rotary OM at Rockwood

This model was extensively kit bashed from a Durango Press model and features
a new with brass tender shell as well as extra details (1)


Pictures were made with

1: Canon EOS 30 D with/mit Tokina ATX Pro DX 4:0 12-24 mm (2006 -)
2: Canon EOS 300 D with/mit Tamron ATX Di 2.8 17 - 35mm (2003-2206)
3: Fuji Finepics 4900 (2000- 2005)

A tripod was used on all pictures, and no supplemental lighting was used.
Some pictures were digitally enhanced by the use of Ulead I Photoplus and Corel Photo Paint.

Thanks for inspiration to/ Danke für die Inspiration an:

-         Boone Morrison

-         Lex Parker

-         Paul Scoles

-         John Allen

-         Malcolm Furlow

-         John Agnew,

-         Jimmy Booth

and all the other unmentioned friends I met at the various
US narrow gauge conventions in the US